Braces: Transfer Case

Hi all. Today I want to share about my experience in transfer case for braces. Btw, I have been wearing braces for almost 3 years now (August 2014 - May 2017). So far so good.. Never experienced any bad things yet except a bit pain. 😁

Fyi, I did my braces at Klinik Bakti, Labuan. When I got offer to further study in Johor earlier last year, I was thinking how am I going to maintain my regular braces check-up schedule which usually done for once in 4-6 weeks. If I didn't follow the check-up schedule, the progress of my teeth might be slow. 

So, my last check-up at Klinik Bakti was on last February. My next check-up is scheduled to be on early April. I told the doc that I will not be available for regular braces check-up at her clinic after this as I will stay at Johor for one year and a half. The doc quite shocked huhu.. Then doc gave me two options, either I go back to Labuan for every scheduled check-up or I need to find any ortho in Johor that can accept transfer case for braces. 

If I want to go back to Labuan just for my braces check-up, omg.. Totally not worth it. There is no direct flight from Johor to Labuan, must transit in KL or KK. So much money will be spent just on the flight tickets. So I said to the doc that I will try to find ortho in Johor. Doc nodded haha. But she said if I managed to find the ortho, I need to submit my medical report to the new ortho. And the charge is RM 200 for that report. Omg again. I scratched my head haha.

Then the mission to find ortho that can accept my case begin right after I have settled my registration and got my car. I didn't search ortho in JB coz I think it is quite far from UTM. I searched in Taman U, I see a lot of ortho clinic there. The first 3 clinics I went, all of them can accept my case. But then the deposit price is just like when you want to put on your braces for the first time. 1k.. Too expensive for me, I can't afford that price 😓 Since the class have started and we were given a lot of assignments, my mission to find the ortho has been delayed for a month. 

I continued my mission in April. Target area still same -- Taman U. This time I directly went to a large clinic on the corner lot, opposite of Maybank. Actually I have seen that clinic before but I don't feel like want to go there as I think the price might be expensive. When I asked the doctor there about my transfer case issue, luckily the ortho can accept my case without need to pay any deposit! Woohoo I feel so much relieved to hear that. I only need to pay RM 200 per every check-up. Okay la kan.. Compare to if I need to go back to Labuan, so much costs then.. One more thing, the doc said they don't need my medical report as it is not compulsory. Yess can save RM 200 😋 Overall I am very satisfied with the service of this clinic and the doc also very kind.

This is the ortho -- Klinik Pergigian Amim

Blue blue everywhere.

Okay that's all. Any questions kindly drop your comment below ya.

Maaf jika English saya agak berterabur. 😂